The Batanes General Hospital (BGH) located at the northernmost part of the Philippines, originated as a public dispensary by virtue of the Philippine Rehabilitation Act of 1946. It then became a 25-bed capacity emergency hospital. With the passage of Republic Act (RA) No. 5720 in 1969, Batanes Hospital was designated as a National District Hospital under the Department of Health. Consequently, it was upgraded to a 50-bed capacity hospital in 1974 and soon after in 1977, to a 75-bed capacity hospital.

    In 1984, the Public Health Services and the Hospital Services in the Province of Batanes were integrated and became one under the Integrated Provincial Health Office.

    RA No. 7160, known as the Local Government Code of 1991, authorized its devolution to the Provincial Government of Batanes and became the Batanes Provincial Health Office in 1993.

With the passage of RA No. 8454 in 1998, it was re-nationalized and upgraded to a tertiary level II hospital, and is likewise renamed from Batanes Provincial Hospital to Batanes General Hospital.

    It is the mandated function of the hospital to provide quality health care to all through upgraded equipment and infrastructures, adequate and competent health human resources with upgraded resource capabilities, adequate medicines and supplies.