A people-centered Level II hospital providing accessible, compassionate, equitable and competitive health services for all by 2027.


   We are committed to competence with integrity in delivering comprehensive, innovative, patient-centered health services in collaboration and partnership with government and non-government organizations.



    The Batanes General Hospital is committed to deliver excellent and humane healthcare services adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements as it continuously improves its quality management system.


    The core values of the Batanes General Hospital shall be exemplified in the acronym of WE CARE described as follows:

    WE shall signify the collective efforts of the BGH Family to provide holistic, equitable and quality healthcare services to all its clients, and CARE which connotes our quest to become Client-oriented, Accountable, Reliable and sustain Excellence in our workplace.


    We recognize that every patient is the primary essence of our existence. As such, we shall endeavor to give our utmost knowledge, skills and dedication to serve our patients. We will be proactive in anticipating their needs and be one with the goal of our organization to provide the best health services.


    Every employee in the organization has its own duties and responsibilities to undertake. We will assure our commitment and initiative to perform effectively the functions expected of us and shall take full responsibility of all our actions and decisions in the execution therewith. We endeavor to value our time and skills to work with diligence and compassion to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.


    We take pride that being a BGH employee is an insurmountable privilege given by the institution to serve and promote the well-being of our patients. We will strive to uphold teamwork, professionalism and integrity to gain and sustain the trust of our patients and co-workers. We will continuously aim for personal and professional development to become competent and productive members of the organization.


    We shall strive to demonstrate our performance and character in accordance with the highest norms and standards of being a public servant and public health worker. We will uphold the ideals of a true public servant in exemplifying hard work, commitment and develop the culture of excellence in every task that we do.